Our Retro-Ergo product line has roots in our past. We helped develop an ergonomic computer accessories line at Silicon Sports. Most of the products are no longer made since Silicon Sports was sold and merged into Kensington. We really liked the old designs, variety of colors, and the materials we used (mostly wetsuit neoprene, metals, no plastics) and thought it would be neat to reintroduce a number of the products to a new generation.

Our Wrist Pads are made from the original two layer neoprene construction we used years ago. We never really liked gel much because it was too squishy and neoprene still seems to have the ideal balance of firmness and softness. Fat Wrist Pads get their name because most pads are just too skinny these days so we thought we’d accentuate the width we offer in the name.

Our Mood Mouse Pad was a big hit years ago and still works great! It took us a while to make these because the original manufacturer of the Hypermood Pad is no longer in business. We updated the profile a bit to make these more ergonomic, but they still have the same heat sensitive liquid crystal insides that change colors with changing temperatures. We set the temperature range so these generally react to human touch in a comfortable room. It’s a great toy and a great mouse pad so try one out.

Our Grifiti Deck series of lap desks and platforms have been updated to work just about anywhere. The old versions we made had steel inside and weighed ton, so we went with aluminum this time to keep them lightweight for easier lifting. The aluminum also makes them rigid and thin, which is super important to us. We really don’t like plastic trays and pillows and we really like ultrathin profiles and mobility. We encase the aluminum in a shark skin textured layer of neoprene for fantastic grip on both sides and heat absorption to shield hot laptop batteries from vital organs. Available in a bunch of sizes, we think you’ll find these super useful for laptops, notebooks, ipads, kindles, writing and more…

Look for our Retro-Ergo line to continue to grow over the coming years as we see more areas where we think a new twist on an old ergonomic product is needed.