Nootle Universal Phone Tripod Mount all iPhones, iPhone Plus, Samsung and Smartphones

Price: $10.00

iPhone 6 Pluses need mounting, too! The Nootle Universal Phone Tripod Mount fits just about every phone, all iPhones, Samsung, HTC, Sony, and Nexus Phones. 

We developed these to match our iPad and tablet universal mount family. They're made to last to take it with you on the go whenever you get the chance. Like all Nootle parts, these have a standard 1/4 20 threaed connector in the back to connector to any Nootle parts and other standard camera gear.

The heavy duty spring loaded arms and buff rubber padded grips hold phones tightly in rough conditions. Try one of our 2 inch bands for extra security if you want to use this with our bike clamp or other bouncy mobile applications. 

These work great with any phone in our out of an external case.

At 2.6 oz these are super lightweight and easy to stuff in any bag while on the go. 5 x 2.2 x 1.5 inches. Fits 5 -7.25 inches diagonally!

Our favorite combinations for this

Nootle Recon Flexpod/Strappod (in development!) ... recon let's to turn the tripod into a strap, add magnetic feet, take apart and make other stands....

Nootle Flexpod

Nootle Heavy Duty Metal Bike Clamp (great for mobile with 2 inch bands for extra security)

Nootle Rachet Clamp (better for indoor use, more for mounting instead of mobile use)

Nootle Magnetic Medium Ball Head

Nootle Flipstick Monopod/Extension Stand

Nootle Stand

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