Nootle Universal Phone Mount + Suction Stand for Autos, Windshields, Glass, Mirrors

Grifiti Nootle Suction Phone Stand for Autos, Windshields, Glass Applications
Smartphone Mount - Android, iPhoneSmartphone Mount - Android, iPhoneSmartphone Mount - Android, iPhoneSmartphone Mount - Android, iPhoneSmartphone Mount - Android, iPhoneSmartphone Mount - Android, iPhone
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Suction Phone Stands are great for use in cars and on windows or mirrors. This is a really useful combination of 2 great products you can use together and use on their own. 

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You get our new Nootle Universal Phone Mount with adjustable arms so you can fit your phone (in it's case). We use the same 1/4 20 threaded connector on the back so this works with all our Nootle parts including our flexpods, magnetic stands, suction stands, clamps, mini ball heads and tripods. It will work with anything you already own that has a 1/4 20 connector as well. 

When we talked with a number of you, the ability to keep your phone in the case you have on your phone was right at the top of the list of features wanted. We love this feature because it means you really want to have a quick way to mount, then unmount and go and this simple mount does it!

The arms range from 1.75 inches to 3.5 inches and have a nice set of rubber jaws that clamp down snuggly on your phone to hold it tight. Here's are are the easy steps you'll need to get this started. 

You get our heavy duty suction stand that will easily hold your phone in place without worry of losing suction for a very long time (we've had a few up on our car windshields for over 2 weeks and it's still going strong!). The 1/4 20 threaded connector will also allow you to connect any of your cameras or our Nootle iPad mounts should you want to change of pace for any reason. This holds up anything up to 8 lbs securely so long as the weight is balanced.