Nootle Tripod Video Pan Head Perfect for Cameras, Phones, Tablets, GoPros

Grifiti Nootle Video Pan Head for Cameras, iPads, GoPros movie and photo shots
Grifiti Nootle Video Pan Head dual level camera and iPad movie makerGrifiti Nootle Video Pan Head pivoting through verticleGrifiti Nootle Video Pan Head fulling verticleGrifiti Nootle Video Pan Head with a sony CameraGrifiti Nootle Video Pan Head in tilt modeGrifiti Nootle Video Pan HeadGrifiti Nootle Video Pan Head
Price: $30.00

Medium weight for iPads, Phones, and small dSLR Cameras. Great for pan shots. We had a number of customers who own our Nootle Video Tripod with iPad mount ask us to just sell the Nootle Video Pan Head on it's own. The size and feel of this works great with smaller dtablet mounts, phone mounts, GoPros and smaller dSLR set ups. 


  • Quality metal construction for years of use.
  • Quick release plate. Attach it to you camera or Nootle mount to quickly move your device on or off the pan head.
  • Dual levels to easily position your set up for clean, level shots.
  • Smooth pan action.
  • 2 inch diameter base, 1 lb total weight
  • 3/8 - 1/4 threaded reducer in the base so you can use/remove it as needed for your tripod connection. 
  • Handles up to 5-6 lb comfortably
  • Extra quick release plates are available 
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