Nootle Stand with Mini Ball Head and Case for Noolte iPad Mounts and Cameras

Grifiti Nootle Pro Tripod & Mini Ball Head
Nootle mini Ball Head
Price: $35.00

Simple stand with our mini ball head. Great for our iPad mounts, cameras, and more.

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A professional grade aluminum stand similar to camera studio light stands. We tested about 20 of these from various manufacturing partners. We wanted something with a long neck to easily allow shifting from landscape to portrait iPad use. This is  lightweight compared to the iPad Tripod Pro setup. They offer a great price point, excellence in manufacturing of components, great performance and wear for leg adjustments and tighteners, and the ability to work with us to expand and change the configurations as we move the Nootle product line forward. 

A professional grade Nootle Mini Ball Head.  We love these mini ball heads! They're a super compliment to our stand and work great as the interface you'll be using to adjust you iPads final positioning. It's small, but it packs a great punch when you have your iPad Tripod Mount and iPad attached. You'll find its ergonically designed and precision machined so it should give you years of effortless use.

Stand Technical Specifications:

  • Operating height:  84"
  • Packed height:  30"

Mini Ball Head Technical Details:

  • Material:  aluminum
  • Weight:  3.5oz
  • Load capacity:  2.2lbs
  • Length:  2.25in
  • Width:  1.92in
  • Diameter:  1.2in