Nootle Quick Release Camera Clamp retrofits iPad Mounts, Cameras to Pipes, Tripods, Mic Stands

Music or Microphone Stand clamp for iPads and Cameras
Quick Release camera clamp for pipes and barsQuick Release camera pipe clamp for mic and music standsQuick Release Clamp hold iPad on Tripod set up with Camera. Grifiti Nootle Quick Clamp with CameraGrifiti Nootle Quick Clamp iPad and Camera set upQuick clamp lets you use your iPad and Camera on one tripodGrifiti Nootle iPad mount 1/4 threading showing on back side
Price: $15.00

Perfect clamp for iPads or Cameras when you're working with tripods and microphone or music stands.  

These normally ship USPS first class within 24-48 hours. 

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We found these wonderful little clamps at a motorcycle show holding a GPS unit on the handlebar of a Harley so you can even clamp your ipad or a camera to your bike using one of these! We had two more partical uses in mind that we've heard about for a while from customers.
First, photographers want a simple clamp like this to mount their iPad to their tripod while shooting so they can use both together. That's a pretty simple and useful need if you've ever wanted to off load images to your iPad, view your images on a larger screen, use the iPad for external storage, or even send the images over your cell service. Second, a ton of muscians have asked for a clamp like this so they can mount their iPad to a microphone or music stand while practicing or performing. Hopefully, both these user groups and others will find these clamps as useful as we do. 
We love quick-releases! If you're at all familiar with the quick-releases that mount a bike wheel to the frame, then you'll know what we're talking about. You flip the quick release lever so it's loose, then screw the threaded axel down to "almost tight," then flip the lever to lock the clamp down. The jaws can handle a pipe about 1.5 inch in diameter so that's perfect for mic stands, tripods, and handlebars. The clamps are noched rubber pads so they crip really well once you have them tight. 
These have a small rachet arm you can lock down once you get the angle you want. The head is a standard 1/4-20 threaded head meant to fit any camera or any of our Nootle Tripod Mounts. 
We sell these stand-alone for anyone who needs one of these for their cameras or if you already own a Nootle iPad or iPad mini Mount. You can also buy these with various mounts to get all the function needed at once.