Nootle Mic Stand Adaptor Turns a Microphone Stand into a iPad, Phone, or Camera Stand with our Mini Ball Head and Mounts

Nootel Microphoen Stand reducer - 5/8-27 female to 1/4-20 male adaptor
Nootle Mic Stand - 5/8-27 female to 1/4-20 male reducer
Price: $8.00

Mic Stands work great as iPad, iPhone, and Camera Stands with our mini ball heads in between...but you'll need this reducer to make it work!  This wonderful little part turns your microphone stand 5/8-27 female into a 1/4-20 male connector, perfect for our mini ball head and mount combinations.

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We've had a number of people ask us for these so we did some sourcing and finally found some good quality parts to offer here!

If you already have a microphone stand sitting around you don't need to buy one of our Nootle Stands. Instead, pic up this great reducer along with one of our mounts and our mini ball head! This set make is quite a bit cheaper than our Stands 

What you have: A 5/8-27 threaded Microphone Stand

What you need to get you iPad or Phone on the Stand: 

Nootle Mic Stand Adaptor

Nootle iPad or iPhone Tripod Mount

Noolte D-ring mini ball head

Give it a shot because we think you'll love the result!


Material:  aluminum
Weight:  2.oz
Load capacity:  2.2lbs
Diameter:  1.2in