Nootle Magnetic Mini Ball Head for Cameras and iPad Mounts

Camera magnetic stand and ball head
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Magnetic Foot + Mini Ball Head combination let's you do some cool things.


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Grifiti Nootle Mini Ball Head: This ball head is the perfect size to work with our iPad mini mount. It can work on any tripod or music stand and it's useful as a stand-alone base or foot on the desktop. 

Our 1/4-20 threaded Magnetic Foot: We love this magnetic foot. It's 1/4-20 threaded so you can attach it to the base of the mini ball head or directly to the iPad mini tripod mount. It's super strong so you'll find it will easily hold the iPad mini upright on any magnetic metal surface such as a wall, fridge, bbq, or cabinet. 
This is a great little system you'll find useful together and as individual parts depending on your situation. 
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