Nootle iPad Air 1, 2 Quick Release Pipe Clamp and mount retrofits Tripods, Mic Stands

Nootle iPad Air 1 pipe clamp for mic and music stands
Use our Nootle iPad Air 1 clamp with your camera Retrofit Nootle iPad Air 1 clamp to tripods to use with your cameraGrifiti Quick Clamp is awesome for iPad Mounts and CamerasClamp up to 1 inch pipes with the Grifiti Nootle Quick ClampNootle quick clamp between Tripod pipe and iPad mountNootle Pipe clamp holding up a camera
Price: $30.00

Clamp your iPad Air 1 to a tripod, microphone stand, or any cylindrical pipe or pole that's up to 1.5 inch in diameter! These are two great products can be used together and used on their own...they allow you some unique utility because you can easily mount an iPad mini to a microphone stand or tripod or even your bike or motorcycle.

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