Nootle iPad 2, 3, 4 Video Tripod: Pro Tripod, Pan Head, iPad Tripod Mount for Sports and Outdoor Use

Grifiti iPad Tripod with Pan Head for Videos, Movies, Photos
Grifiti iPad Tripod with Pan Head for Videos, Movies, PhotosGrifiti Nootle Video TripodGrifiti Nootle iPad Tripod Mount with PanBest way to take videos and movies with your iPadLandscape set up for Grifiti Nootle iPad Video TripodPan head makes it easy to shoot videos and movies with the Nootle video iPad Pan makes it easy to shoot videos and movies with the Nootle video iPad TripodGrifiti Nootle Pan Head for shooting vidoes, movies, photosfull motion with the Grifiti Nootle pan head and iPad mountTeachers us these for demonstations on their ipadsGrifiti Nootle video ipad tripod comes with a case, too!
Price: $90.00

Coaches and travellers love these....Complete iPad Video Tripod Pro Setup for Apple's iPads 2, 3, 4. If you are shooting photos and vidoes at sports events we recommend this set up!

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Many users of our iPad Tripod Mount tell us that they are buying it to shoot videos of sports related swings, tennis, volleyball, soccer, name it, we've probably heard about it from someone. Our takeway from all the conversations is that the iPad will be a major platform for shooting video for years to come. We're providing a number of different options for different users to meet their shooting and viewing needs.

We include the following:

A professional grade aluminum Pan Head Video Tripod with travel case. We tested about 40 of these from various manufacturing partners because this was really just an effort in sourcing something that meets our specifications. Fairly lightweight, reasonable price point, excellence in manufacturing of components and their fit, great performance and wear for leg adjustments and tighteners (this is a super big deal), and the ability to work with us to expand and change the configurations as we move the Nootle product line forward. 

A professional grade full adjustable pan head with quick mount. This is a medium weight pan head with a quick release plate. We really like the size of this pan head for use with the iPad aand just about any compact, MILC (mirrorless interchangeable lens camera), and dSLRs without too long a lens. You'll find it super easy to work the quick release plate and easy to adjust angles and rotate with comfortable grippy knobs. 

A Nootle iPad Tripod Mount. This is our simple, yet popular iPad Tripod Mount that allows you to easily pop the iPad in and out. The 1/4 20 threaded mount works well with most ball heads. You can easily rotate and angle the mount for video and photo shooting as well as simple display mode or while using the iPad.

"Great Product. We ordered 3 of Grifiti's Nootle iPad Tripod for our baseball camp and they worked perfectly." - Dean Stotz, Associate Head Coach, Stanford Baseball

Product No.: 98034

SKU: 850050003632