Nootle iPad 2, 3, 4 Flexible Stand: iPad Tripod Mount and Flexpod Tripod

Apple iPad Flexible Stand combines Grifiti Nootle iPad Tripod Mount and Flexpod
Nootle flexible tripod like gorillapod for ipad mini mount and standNootle flexible tripod like gorillapod for ipad mini mount and standNootle flexible tripod like gorillapod for ipad mini mount and standNootle flexible tripod like gorillapod for ipad mini mount and standApple iPad Tripod Mount by Grifiti NootleApple iPad Tripod Mount
Price: $50.00

Handy flexpod Tripods work as great desktop and travel stands for your iPad mini and any camera and other Nootle mounts you carry. This versatile combination can be used together or on their own with other products.

SKU: 98044 - iPad 2, 3, 4
In stock Dec. 25

What's included:

Grifiti Nootle iPad 2, 3, 4 Tripod Mount: Simpliest way to mount iPad 2, 3, 4. This Nootle iPad Mount is the easiest way to mount your iPad to a Tripod or Stand.

The Nootle iPad Tripod Mount is our form fitting case made from protective ABS and is coated with a soft polyurethane cover to keep the iPad snug and protected. The frame includes a camera slot so if you need to take pictures with your iPad Mini while it’s mounted it’s easy to do. In addition, we’ve riveted on a thick plastic plate that includes a threaded brass ¼-20 mount for extended wear and universal fit to any tripod head so you can use it here with the flexible tripod stand or on any tripod you already own. Simply screw the Nootle iPad Tripod Mount to your tripod head or quick release plate and insert your iPad mini and you’re good to go. You’ll have the full range of motion your tripod head offers with the security of knowing the iPad will stay put in the Nootle form fitting frame. While it’s great for studio, office and home set-ups, at 14cm x 20cm x 1.0 cm and only 6 ounces, this mount easily stows with your other gear if you need to take it on the road.

Grifiti Nootle Flexpod Flexible Tripod or Stand:

While we're developing our reconfigurable Nootle Flexpods, we decided to buy some samples of these off the shelf flexpods to show how our Nootle iPad and iPhone mounts work with stands and desktop units. We had these on display at MacWorld and so many people wanted the set up we decided to go ahead and order some to see how they sell. They include a nice little quicky release plate that you attach to the back of the iPad mini mount. We really like these little release plates because they work as a nice knob to hold on to the iPad if you just want to carry it around sharing stuff with folks. Then when you want to pop it on to the flexpod you just put the knob into the tripod head and lock it down and you're set. 

These are compact enough to easily stuff in a bag on the go and they work just fine for cameras or any other mounts you have with a 1/4-20 threading. They can handle up to a compact digital camera and up to a mirrorless digital camera with smaller lenses. Full sized dSLRs are a bit too heavy for these.