Nootle 1/4-20 Threaded Magnetic Feet - Fits all Nootle Legs, Bodies, Heads, Mounts, and Cameras

Grifiti Nootle 1/4-20 Threaded Magnet Foot for mounts and cameras
Camera 1/4 Threaded Magnet Foot fits NootleMagnetic foot with Noote iPad mount and mini ball head
Price: $10.00

Buff little Nootle Magnets. We really love the flexibility of the universal 1/4-20 threaded connectors we use on all Nootle parts.

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After some tireless searching and sourcing by Andy Choy, he's found a place to make these magnetic feet at a price that's not too heavy on the pocket. These small, yet heavy-duty industrial strength 1/4-20 threaded magnetic feet can be attached directly to ball heads, iPad mounts, or a variety of legs, including the Nootle flexlegs. We've glue a non-scratch rubber surface to the base so you can easily remove them without marking up the surface they're on.