Grifiti Nootle Suction Camera Stand for windshields, cars, glass, and mirrors

Nootle 90mm suction stand for windshields holds up to 4000g for iphones, ipads
Price: $12.00

Cameras, iPads, iPad minis, smartphones, kindles, tablets, and other devices with 1/4-20 threaded connectors work great with this nice heavy duty suction stand.

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Grifiti Nootle Suction Stand for windshields, autos, windows, and mirrors.

It took us a while to find one of these that was big enough for our Nootle support system. These have a nice large, 90mm diameter suction disc, a solid pressure lock, a nice adjustable locking arm and pivot 1/4-20 threaded mount. We tested them with a bunch of different items...stand-alone with compact digital cameras, mirrorless digital cameras, iphones on mounts, iPad minis on mounts, and iPads on mounts. We can solidly say that it'll hold up to just about 4000g. We think you'll find these a great addition even without the Nootle iPad mini mount! 

As with all suction cups stands, be careful of leaving on the window in the baking hot sun because the temperature change can cause the suction cup to lose it's grip, which isn't fun for anyone.