Grifiti Fat Wrist Pad 17 (Nylon Surface)

Grifiti fat wrist pad 17 is a mechanical keyboard wrist rest
Grifiti fat wrist rest steelseries, cm storm mechanical gaming keyboardsGrifiti Fat Wrist Pad das, filco mechanical keyboard wrist restGrifiti fat wrist pad 17 filco, steelseries, das wrist restGrifiti fat wrist pad 17 color choices: red, blue, purple, black, pink,Grifiti Fat Wrist Pad 17 for standard height keyboardsGrifiti Fat Wrist Pad showing neutral wrist position when typing.
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Full length mechanical keyboards, gaming keyboards, and 17 inch laptops love to have a Fat Wrist Pad 17 in front. This is our Fat Wrist Pad 17 at 4 x 17 x 0.75 inches.It amazes us how many people using standard height keyboards, mechanical keyboards, and large, old-school laptops, today don’t have a wrist rest or wrist pad. Nothing is more comfortable than a nice fat wrist rest.Over the years manufacturers have done to wrist pads what the lumber industry did to wood measurements and big brands have done to your box of cereal: Sell you less for the same price and claim you’re getting the same value. So we went old school with our Fat Wrist Pads. Instead of some thin gel, gimmicky beads, or stuffed animal, we die-cut a chuck of ¾ inch neoprene rubber with a fat 4 inches of hand width so the wrist support surface area is large and comfortable. We make these in a variety of sizes to fit different devices. Our old school 19.5 inch version fits long standard keyboards. This 17 inch versions fits standard height keyboards, mechanical keyboards, gaming keyboards, and large laptops.You should think about getting one of our Deck 17 lap desks and keyboard platforms as well! They make for a versatile combination you'll really enjoy.We do colors because be like to express our personality with simple statements in life: Hot pink, purple, red, royal blue, and black.We think you’ll appreciate the 4 inch fat pad support and splash of color on your desktop. Going retro is a good sure to measure the front of your keyboard or laptop to get the right size for you...and don't forget the height as our Fat Pads are for 1/2 to 3/4 inch keyboards while our Slim pads are for 1/5 to 2/5 inch keyboards such as Apple's. You can get any of our wrist pads with a Deck as well with discounted Combo pricing.  

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