Grifiti Dootle Notepads for iPad Notebook Cases

Grifiti Dootle Paper Writing Notepad - blue grid
Grifiti Dootle Notepad - ruledGrifiti Dootle Notepad - grey gridGrifiti Dootle Notepad - blankGrifiti Dootle Notepad for Apple iPad - 5 packGrifiti Dootle Notepad - gridGrifiti Dootle Notepad - ruled
Price: $7.00

Paper notepad replacements for Dootle cases that fit Apple iPads.

SKU: notepad00001
Available May 12, 2012

Dootle Notepads are available in blank, ruled, grid and a blue grid. All come binder ready with 3 holes punched. 

5 packs for $7 and 10 packs for $12 . We ship these media mail with our standard free shipping.

These notepads are custom sized to work with our Dootle iPad Notebook Case and Book Case. They're 7.0 x 9.5 inches and they have a stiff backer board so they don't flop forward when you insert them in the mid-line pocket found in the know what I'm talking about if you tried our first pads (they were flacid and fell apart.)

If you're a Notebook Case user, these are the notepads you'll want to order. If you're a Book Case user and you find you're longing to jot down your latest, greatest inspriation ideas or you just want to be able to doodle while you surf, these notepads will work for you, too. You'll just need to reconfigure you're set up so that the notepad is on your writing side in the case. 

We've caught Jana doing it and you won't find us making any rules against it, but these notepads work just fine all by themselves as good old notepads when they're not in the Dootle. 

They're made with "wood-free" archival paper. 

Dimensions: 7.0 x 9.5 inches 

Sheet count: 50 sheets

Backer board: Stiff to stay flat and not drup when opening and/or moving the case around.

ps...check out our neat saddle stitch student composition notebooks as another writing turn these sideways and insert in the mid-line pocket just the line notepads, but then you can pop them out and use them like a notebook. They're different, unique, and designed to fit iPad Dootles.