Grifiti Deck 15 Lap Desk and Keyboard Platform

Grifiti Deck 15 Lap Desk with Laptop Heat Shield
Grifiti Deck 15 used as Apple Keyboard PlatformGrifiti Deck 15 Lap Desk with LaptopGrifiti Deck 15 helps shield hot laptop batteriesGrifiti Deck 15 shown with notebook computerGrifiti Deck 15 Lap Deck Shark Skin Neoprene Cover Close UpGrifiti Deck 15 shown with notebook computer
Price: $20.00

Ultrathin, Simple Lab Desks for Macs, Ipads, Keyboards, Notebooks and Writing....

We use loads of keyboards, notebooks, and ipads around the office and at home and couldn’t find a simple lap platform that offered the performance and mobility we need. We don't like the "cooling" decks that have fans (what's the point?) or speakers (really...this is a tray, not a stereo), but we do like the idea of protecting our gonads from excessive heat and electromagnetic frequency waves (just in case). We decided we didn't want to use plastics and pillows were out, too, and we wanted materials that would allow us to make a whole range of sizes easily.
The Grifiti Deck 15 does all that you need with a simple design: A rigid, lightweight aluminum plate sandwiched in soft non-skid textured neoprene. The plate provides the support you need. The grippy neoprene has great traction to keep your notebook or ipad in place and provides an effective insulation layer against toasty hot laptops. You won't get any nasty laptop skin burns and deep fried gonads when you properly use our Notebook Deck. .At 12 x 15 x 0.25 inches and a little over 1.8 lb.  it’s not quite pack-away portable but it sure is thin, rigid, works great.
The Deck 15 is ideal for Apple's keyboards, iPads, MacBook Pro 15, MacBook Air 15, and just about any notebook or laptop that is smaller than 15 inches wide.
If you've got laptops, tablets, and keyboards at home and work that fit the Deck 15 we suggest you buy two of these to use one in each location.
p.s. Check out our other sized Decks in the series (Deck 13 and Deck 17) and our  Grifiti Deck + Wrist Pad Hybrids, which combine a Deck with a Wrist Pad for even more functionality!
We usually ship with a day, except Sundays, and it takes 2-3 business days to arrive at your location. 
p.s.s. Andy uses his Deck 15 with a blue Notebook Wrist Pad for his Apple Keyboard and Preston uses a Deck 15 for his Macbook Pro 15.

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