Grifiti Band Joes Bands - 4" Silicone Rubber Bands in 5 and 20 Packs

Grifiti Big-Ass Silicone Band 4" silicone rubber bands
Price: $10.00

Start strapping things in today with our wonderfully versatile new silicone Band Joes.  Customers have sent us a ton of different uses for these!

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They’re great for seal drawing pads, keep files bound together, head bands, wrap blanks, hold a towel around hair after a shower, seal containers, bundle folders, seal trashbags to bins, wrap glued wood parts, bundle giant screws, temporary car repairs (a little vague but interesting), slingshots, car load straps, write on bands with sharpies for covered textbooks, and much more.

These are cooking grade silicone so they can take the heat! Cook with them, autoclave them, use them where hot wrapping is needed! So go ahead and wrap roasts and stuff turkeys, and come up with all sorts of new uses around the kitchen and oven. Or go ahead and bundle those instruments and test tubes on the way to a good wash.

We sell them on our site in 5 packs and 20 packs. Colors are randomly mixed but you can ask for single colors as needed: black, white, red, royal blue, powder blue, pink, purple, yellow, lime green, and orange.

We usually ship within a business day from when we receive your order and it usually takes 3-5 business days to scatter to your local. 

ps...we'll be making a bunch of different colors and sizes. You might try a mixed bag as those give you the most flexibility with sizes to meet a variety of needs.