Grifiti Band Slim Pocket Wallet Silicone Bands Replaces Fat Wallets Forever

Grifiti Pocket Wallet Silicone Slim Broccoli Wad
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Go Slim! Dump your fat wallet and you'll never look back again. You still living like good old George on Seinfeld? 

Some of our favorite customers have been using our 2 inch wallet bands as broccoli band replacements to carry their cards and cash bundled in their front pocket. We got a call from a customer in London asking us to make a version for him that was thicker and turned the other way to go lengthwise over his card stack...Jim J got his wish and we sent him 50 units to give to friends and lovers to start spreading the word.

Our new Grifiti Pocket Wallet Bands are the same tough silicone as the rest of our bands and come in black, blue, red, green, and pink....these measure 1.25 x 3 inches...they don't stretch all that much so they hold stuff super tight. They grip in your front pocket so they won't slip out, because we can guarantee you that it takes a little getting used to dumping the big old wallet and going slim.

Happy to customize this in volume, too, if you want to give a great gift for any reason!

1 Pack is $10.00

5 Pack is $35.00

10 Pack is $50.00

50 Pack is $250.00


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