Grifiti Band Joes 2 Inch for Magic Tricks, Slim Wallet, Broccoli Bands

2 inch Silicone Bands better broccoli bands
2 inch bands for magic tricksGrifiti band broccoli wad slim walletlen creed 2' band grip for camera lenses2" silicone bands used like a broccoli band around carrotssilicone grifiti bands 2 inch broccoli band replacements
Price: $7.98

Improved broccoli bands. A magician contacted us a while back and asked us to make 2" bands for him to do a specific magic trick that required them. These wonderful littel 2" x 0.5" bands are the result. 

These are made with our standard, uv and heat resistent silicone so they' hold up. They stretch over 3x and should work as a replacement for any standard broccoli band for any application you've been using a broccoli band for. 

We make these in 5 colors: black, blue, green, red, and white. You can order assorted packs or get a single color or send us whatever color mix you'd like. 

We can customize this in quantities so just send us a note if that's what you're after. 

Available in: 5, 10, 20 packs. Also part of our Grifiti Bands Assorted Size Standard Bands Pack of 20. 

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