Dootle iPad Air Folio Case combines a Form Fit Smart Cover Compatible frame, Folio Book Case, Dootle Pad

Grifiti Dootle Folio Case for iPad Air
Grifiti Dootle Folio Case for iPad AirGrifiti Dootle Folio Case for iPad AirGrifiti Dootle Folio Case for iPad AirGrifiti Dootle Folio Case for iPad AirGrifiti Dootle Folio Case for iPad AirGrifiti Dootle Folio Case for iPad Air
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The perfect iPad Air combo case works in just about every situation!

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You get a Dootle form fit back cover that's Apple Smart Cover compatible and includes a camera slot so you can easily shoot photos, vidoes, or hand the iPad Air around for sharing with a small form factor protective case.

You get a classic black Dootle hardback book folio cover that works wonderfully at a protective travel case. The Dootle book holds the iPad Air in the form fitting cover on one side while our 6 x 9 inch Dootle Pad fits in the opposite inside. It's easy to set up for either righties or lefties. You get one of our awesome 6 x 9 legal Ruled + Grid Dootle Pads. The Dootle book includes a cover pocket with just enough storage space for business cards, some cash, and notes and has it has a pen/stylus loop to make sure you always have your favorite writing instrument or stylus with you (hopefully, that's one of our Dootle Stylus Pencils or Pens). In Summary:

  • Reversible layout: Easily flips internal frame with iPad and notepad to work for righties and lefties.
  • Solid Protection: You get a form fitting back cover you snap on iPad Air (Smart Cover compatible) and a Hardback folio book case for travel.
  • Flexible use: Can use the form fitting Dootle back cover standalone with the Smart Cover or with the Dootle Book Cover for a folio configuration.
  • Paper for Writing: Use our wonderful combo ruled and grid Dootle Pad in 6 x 9 size or any standard junior legal notepads from your local office supply. 
  • Folio Pocket: Slit cover pocket has just enough storage space for business cards, money, notes, etc.
  • Pen/Stylus Loop: We're partial to our Dootle Stylus Pencils and Pens, but this loop really works for any stylus you want to keep close at hand. 

We suggest you get a 5 pack or 2 of our Dootle Pads when you order your Dootle Folio Case so you have extra notepads handy at the great prices we offer!

We suggest you get a Dootle Stylus Mechanical Pencil or Rollerball Pen as well. This is our next generation for our successful Tagtools kickstarter campaign and we've made them really nice so give one a go.

You might want to try our Grifiti Big-Ass Bands in 9" size or 9" X Cross Style Bands as well if you want a colorful way to seal your Dootle Folio Case on the, white, red, orange, royal blue, powder blue, lime green, yellow, purple, and pink are all options. We sell these in 5 and 20 packs 

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