Nootles are our version of adult tinker toys…a growing line of reconfigurable parts to build your own specialized supports for cameras, mobile phones, iPads, or just about any portable device you need to support. We're starting with iPad mounts and completes and we'll be adding a bunch more...

Years ago, we bought Black & Decker Snakelights, tore them apart and reappointed them to work as snakepods for our cameras. While they worked pretty well, we eventually wanted more utility so we evolved the concept to include shorter leg segments that worked with universal quick-connectors so we could pop the legs apart and attach them to bodies at various points or to each other - that way the same leg parts could be reconfigured and flexible leg tripods could mutate into snakepods super fast. 

We’re finally releasing the Nootle system after expanding the vision a bit. You will see the proliferation of Nootle parts, all fitted with the Nootle connectors, with the idea that you have a nice big red tool box full of parts and start mucking around with new ways to use them to support your portable devices.  So, while we sell “completes” that perform with a specific device and/or specific functions, eventually we want you to buy a Big Red Nootle Box, which is loaded with a bunch of parts that give you the flexibility to build and reconfigure supports as needed.  

Hopefully, you’ll come to know and love your Nootle as much as we love ours. We’re always looking for input on how to improve and expand the range of parts so please share your thoughts, images, and insights with us! Happy Nootling....

Look for Nootles here on, Amazon, eBay, and select dealers worldwide.

  • Works with any ¼-20 threaded tripod head, ball head and camera head.
  • Form fitting ABS frame with soft, gripping polyurethane surface for a snug fit and protective frame.
  • Great for sports and coaching: football, basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, lacrosse, swimming, track and field, softball, volleyball, badminton, fencing, and horse racing.
  • Great for school and seminars: teachers, educators, motivators, speakers, readings, lecture, rants and raves.
  • Great for pro photographers, movie markers, videographers, and you tube product reviews.
  • Retrofits with Manfrotto, Gitzo, Slik, Velbron, Razorfish, and all other threaded systems.




Friends & Partners who use the Nootle System

SportsBoard Scout is a suite of iPad apps for a variety sports which coaches can use for their own teams or for camps they run to capture video-based player assessments.   Clients include Stanford Baseball, Notre Dame Baseball, Marywood Lacrosse and more.  Mount the iPads to tripods to optimize quality of the video being taken.

Visit them at:  SportsBoard