Laptop Palm Pads

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  • Grifiti Slim Palm Pads for MacBooks and Laptops
    These are 4 x 3 x 0.185 inches. Repositionable silicone wrist rests for Apple MacBooks, laptops, notebooks, ultrabooks, chromebooks, and netbooks. We make these in 2 sizes now, since Apple increased the size of the trackpad in the new MacBook 12 and the MacBook Pro 13 we now offer a small and standard size. The small size is for the new MacBook 12, new MacBook Pro 13. Please be sure to measure the palm rest area of our laptop before ordering! If you have any questions just send us a note or call and we can help you get fit with the correct size. These if older MacBooks, MacBook Air's, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony and Lenovo notebooks and laptops.
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  • Grifiti Small Slim Palm Pads for Macbook 12, Pro, and Notebooks
    Grifiti Small Slim Palm Pads are 3 x 2.75 inches for the new MacBook 12 and Pro 13 and other small laptops tacky silicone base nylon surface. This is a new size for us as a number of customers asked for a smaller version of our original Slim Palm Pads with the increased size of the trackpad on the new MacBook Pro 13. These are made with the same washable, respositionable silicone we use on the originals. Be sure to measure your laptops palm rest area in order to pick the correct size! These are 3 x 2.75 while the original Slim Palm Pads are 4 x 3 so if you have the room get the original version, but if those are too big get these instead.
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  • Grifiti Fat Palm Pads MacBook and Laptop Wrist Rests
    This is our Grifiti Fat Palm Pads! These are 1/4 inch thick instead of 1/8 like our Slim Palm Pads. These are meant for users that need a bit more cushion and don't close their Macbook or laptop too often. You need to remove these to do so, which is easy to do! They are only slightly tacky so leave no residue. We optimized for comfort and portability. You see, we tried a bunch of the super thin leather and clothe MacBook wrist rests that all cost a darn ton but we came away feeling like we just had no support for the money. The nice thing about them was that they allow you to close the computer while leaving the cover in place. We also tried the super fat gel laptop wrist rests out there from a couple of good vendors. They offer a ton of cushion, which some people like, but these where just a little too tall for us and a bit too bulky to pack away easily on the road so we work on a happy medium… Fat Palm Pads have a satin smooth silicone surface for resting your hands.
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