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  • Band Joes 2 Inch Standard 5 Pack
    Prefect to wrap up really small things... A magician contacted us some time ago and asked if we could make these 2 x .5 inch bands for a magic trick he's been doing for years. He wanted bands made with silicone because they last much longer than standard rubber bands. Since then, many people have started using these for posters, architectural drawings, wine glass color labels, broccoli band replacements and much, much more... We've simplified our standard ordering down to 5 packs so if you need 10, 15, 20 etc just order multiple 5 packs rather than our separate retail products for 5 and 20 packs. We're happy to send along the color mix you need to please order the assorted packs if you need a mix and let us know what colors you want. If we don't hear from you we'll send our standard assorted pack mixes.

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