Grifiti Platform Fat Wrist Pad 14 x 2.75 for Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards


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Grifiti Platform Fat Wrist Pad 14 x 2.75 Combines our Home and Office Deck 15 Keyboard Platform and Grifiti Fat Wrist Pad 14 x 2.75 x 0.75 wrist rest for Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboards.

Home and Office Deck 15 provides keyboard platform and laptop lap desk function with non-skid neoprene covered acrylic plate. Great heat sink and wonderful lightweight lap desk.

Fat Wrist Pad 14 x 2.75 x 0.75 is perfect for mechanical gaming keyboards, tenkeyless keyboard size and 3/4 inch height and offers a thinner profile than our 4 inch pads.

Works with 10keyless mechanical keyboards from filco, ducky, HHK (Happy Hacking Keyboards), 15 inch notebook computers and laptops

Product Description

Ultrathin, Simple Lap Desks for Macbooks, laptops, small keyboards, and writing.

We use notebooks and iPads around the office and at home and couldn’t find a simple lap desk or platform that offered the performance and mobility we need at a fair price. We don't like the "cooling" decks that have fans (what's the point?) or speakers (really...this is a tray, not a stereo), but we do like the idea of protecting our laps from excessive heat (just in case).

We decided we didn't want to use plastics and we wanted materials that would allow us to make a variety of sizes fairly easily. Ultrathin was a big issue for us as well so we dumped padded pillows, too. It's meant for small laptops, Macbook Pro & Macbook Air (both 13 inches and smaller), iPads, small keyboards, and regular writing in paper notebooks. The Grifiti Deck 11 does all you need with a simple design: A rigid, lightweight aluminum plate sandwiched in soft non-skid textured neoprene. The plate provides the support you need. The grippy neoprene has great traction to keep your notebook or iPad in place and provides an effective insulation layer against toasty hot laptops. You won't get any nasty laptop skin burns when you properly use our Decks. At 15 x 9 x 0.25 inches and a little over 1 lb. (that’s just about .46 kg’s) it’s small and light enough to stuff in your bag and take with you. Then again, power users might buy a couple of these to keep one at work and one at home.

p.s. Check out our other Deck sizes (Deck 11 and Deck 13) and our Grifiti Deck + Wrist Pad Combos, which combine one of our Decks with a Fat Wrist Pad or a Slim Wrist Pad for even more functionality!

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