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  • Grifiti Dootle iPad Mini 4 Folio Reversible 2 pen loops and notepad
    We have redesigned our Grifiti Dootle folio here, making it work even better than the old versions. We've rounded the spine and added a fold in the cover. The round spine lets you use it with or without a notepad. The fold in the cover lets you form a stand with the folio. This comes with 2 pen/stylus loops! You can carry any pen or pencil (we'd love it if you look at the Dootle Pen or Pencil Stylus) and the Apple Pencil at the same time. This comes with our Dootle Pad, a 40+ sheet of grid-ruled high quality paper and a craft cover. We sell these in 5 packs on Amazon or you can use any 5 x 7.5 or 5 x 8 notepads. You can flip the Dootle pad around by removing it and inserting in the other way to reconfigure easily or righties or lefties. This a our best Dootle yet and we'll be making this style for the iPad Pro and the iPad Airs. What you get: Reversible Dootle Folio for iPad mini 4 with 2 pen and stylus loops 5 x 7.5 Dootle Notepad with grid+ruled layout These work with our 5 x 7.5 notepads or any standard junior legal 5 x 8 top flip notepads
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