Dootle Folio Case for Apple iPad 2, 3, 4, Air and Mini 1, 2.

They’re a nice bridge between old world books and new world digital devices. For us, they’re a synthesis of a bunch of different elements we really like: the function, feel, and appearance of traditional hardback case binding; sturdy removable iPad 2, 3, 4, Air and Mini 1, 2 frames; replaceable writing notebooks and note pads; and our famous silicone big-ass bands instead of boring elastic.

All Dootles are beautifully crafted case bound folios.  Each Dootle includes a protective removable frame that securely nests the digital device and allows users to easily pop the device out for use outside the hardback case (think photos, sharing, etc.). Lots of writing folios come with a vinyl band to hold the case closed. We don’t like them much for this use because the vinyl stretches out after a while, which is ugly and ineffective at holding the folio case closed. Instead, we provide the option of our silicone Big-Ass Bands that easily slips around the Dootle to keep it closed when you’re travelling.  Our Dootle Folios also include a 50 page acid-free archival quality notepad.  You can purchase replacement packs of either 5 or 10 units. Our note pads have our proprietary ruled + grid layout; making them extremely versatile for writing, dootling and drafting. 

We’ll settle in on a line of standard cover colors and materials, but we’ll also offer limited run specialty cover materials and customizable laminated textbook cover versions as the line develops so continue to check out what we’re doing with the Dootle product line to see our latest offerings.

Details in the Dootle

Beautifully crafted hardback casebound book exterior disguises your Apple iPad. 

Removable protective frame secures your digital device and lets you use it without the book case.  The frame is wrapped with a soft-touch material for added comfort.  Reversible digital device mounting system so equally usable for righties and lefties.

Your iPad 2 and the convenience of a notepad.  It's everything in one case.



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