External Drive & Accessory Sleeves

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Simple neoprene sleeves for external drives, accessories, and just about anything else you want to encase
  • Grifiti Chiton Slim 7 External Drive Sleeve and Accessory Carrying Case
    This is perfect for Apple's USB Superdrive and any 7-8 inch external drives as well as other accessories. We're not big fans of zippers so we designed these to fold over the end instead of zipper. We also added an accessory pocket to one side so you can stow other stuff as needed. This is our Chiton Slim 7 is for external drives and Apple's Superdrive. It can handle from 6.5-8 inches long and about 6.5-8 inches wide. These stretch a bit so they are nice and tight around items on the slightly large end of the spectrum. What you get: 1 Chiton Slim 7, 7.5 x 7.5 neoprene drive sleeve with accessory pocket
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