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Grifiti Nootle Deck iPad, Tablet, Phone Mobile Lap Desk Work Platform

Grifiti Nootle Deck iPad, SmartPhone Mobile Lap Desk Work Platform
Grifiti Nootle Deck iPad and Tablet Mobile Lap Desk Work SpaceGrifiti Nootle Deck iPad Mobile Lap Desk Work SpaceGrifiti Nootle Deck Smartphone Mobile Lap Desk Work Space

Mobile Workspace for Tablets and Phones.Andy Choy created this great new combination for use around his house. He won't admit it, but we think he just wanted a way to multi-task on his iPad while watch tv with this thing sitting on his lap...Andy modified our popular Deck lap desk with a metal plate so he could attach a magnetic foot and gooseneck that leads up to our mini ball head and our Nootle Universal Tablet or Universal Phone mount. That's a mouthful. But what you get is a wonderful mobile lap desk work surface for use with your iPad, tablet, or phone. Some great customer feedback on these: Best iPad platform for shooting animation videos on a desktop surface...plenty of room for drawings on the Deck for us to shoot one at a time! What's included:

Nootle Quick Release Camera Clamp retrofits iPad Mounts, Cameras to Pipes, Tripods, Mic Stands

Music or Microphone Stand clamp for iPads and Cameras
Quick Release camera clamp for pipes and barsQuick Release camera pipe clamp for mic and music standsQuick Release Clamp hold iPad on Tripod set up with Camera. Grifiti Nootle Quick Clamp with CameraGrifiti Nootle Quick Clamp iPad and Camera set upQuick clamp lets you use your iPad and Camera on one tripodGrifiti Nootle iPad mount 1/4 threading showing on back side

Perfect clamp for iPads or Cameras when you're working with tripods and microphone or music stands.  

These normally ship USPS first class within 24-48 hours. 

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