Read Nelson Gutierrez's review of our new Dootle Stylus

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Nelson reviewed our new Dootle Stylus after owning the previous Tagtool.  Thanks Nelson.



Cross Band is perfect for presents

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A lucky person is getting two presents for Christmas.  They are held together with a Grifiti Big-Ass Cross Band.


Cross Band by Joey

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Joey using a cross band.  The colors are great and the possible uses are endless.

Dootle Folio Case for iPad with the Cross Band

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The Dootle combination with the Cross Band lets you compactly carry everything you need in one case.  The slip pocket lets you store business cards and documents.  The notepad is there for doodling and taking notes along side your iPad.  The inner frame can be removed when you just want to use the iPad by itself.  And the Cross band helps hold everything together.

Preview picture of our new Slim Wrist Pad - smooth skin

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Smooth on the top with a non-slip base layer.  These are perfect for your low profile keyboards, trackpads and mice.

Grifiti Fat Wrist Pad 8

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Another new size for us in the wrist pad category.  This is an 8" by 4" by 0.75" and designed to work with mice, trackpads, trackballs as well as printing calculators.  Available in 2-3 weeks.  It's in the same shipment at the Fat Pad 14.

First product shots of the Fat Wrist Pad 14

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I received a few Fat Wrist Pad 14's and took product shots last week.  These will fit 14" wide tenkeyless keyboards.  I paired it with the CM Storm for the product shots.  They are shipped.  So we just have to wait for them travel here and pass through customs.  Most likely, they will be available at the end of Oct.

It took a bit of extra time because at the last minute we decided to change the width from 15" down to 14" to remove the 0.5" overhang on the sides.

Tenkeyless Wrist Pad is on it's way

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These are on the boat and on their way here.  15 inches of comfort and support for you wrist that fits your tenkeyless keyboard. 


Chillin and grillin with Nootle iPad mini mount, mini ball head, magnet foot

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The best way to not burn you food is to not leave the grill.  But to keep yourself from getting bored, keep your iPad handy.  I attached the iPad mini to the BBQ using the Nootle iPad mount, mini ball head and the magnet foot.  Works great.

Nootle iPad mini Tripod Mount + mini ball head + magnet - who knew?

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This is pretty cool.  You'lll be surprised how many things and places have metal for you to attach a magnet to.  I attached the iPad mini to the wall using our mount with a mini ball head and the magnetic foot attachment.

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