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How to fix a broken ski rack with Big-Ass Bands

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Kevin using a Big-Ass Band for a temporary fix on a ski rack that won't latch.

How do you Nootle?

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One of our customers, Al Yee, put this little video together of how he uses his Grifiti Nootle components to maximize his use of an iPad mini. We love the video and thought we'd add it to our channel as well to highlight the DIY uses for the Nootle line of products from Grifiti. Thanks Al!

After Al's video ends you can see some other recent Grifiti videos in the products playlist on YouTube.

Big-Ass Bands in the Kitchen

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How to keep your cutting board from sliding using a Big-Ass Band from Grifiti:

Testing the strength of the magnet in the magnetic base mini ball head

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Phil testing out the strength of the magnet on the magnetic base mini ball head from Grifiti.

We got an inquiry recently asking if our magnetic base mini ball heads could support up to 10 an inverted position. Armed with a 5 pound leg weight, 5 pound dumbbell and a Big-Ass Band, we found out the answer.

Grifiti Nootle Flexpod Flexible Tripod

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dSLR and iPad Mounts work great on these heavy duty Flexpods! These handy flexible tripods work as great desktop and travel stands for your camera or iPads (with a Nootle mount).

Big-Ass Bands How-To #8: Carry a watermelon on your bike

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Need to take a watermelon to a picnic using your bike?  No problem.  Use a Cross Style Big-Ass Band from Grifiti to secure that melon to your ride.


Read Nelson Gutierrez's review of our new Dootle Stylus

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Nelson reviewed our new Dootle Stylus after owning the previous Tagtool.  Thanks Nelson.



Cross Band is perfect for presents

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A lucky person is getting two presents for Christmas.  They are held together with a Grifiti Big-Ass Cross Band.


Cross Band by Joey

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Joey using a cross band.  The colors are great and the possible uses are endless.

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