We take a very long view when we think of our business.

Unique product design and development, deep customer partnerships, attention to detail, have some fun every day...

We look out 10 and 20 years and see a series of product lines and customer relationships that develop synergistically. A long view keeps us from reacting too quickly to the latest fads and keeps us on track with products we can sell to users for years to come. A long view makes each interaction with our customers a learning experience where we create better products, a better company, and a better world with our efforts.

Grifiti represents a certain product design aesthetic that is based on our interpretation of the form needed to offer the function desired. Product innovations solve problems, simplify use, save money, save time, entertain, and eliminate frustration. Active use of our products and passionate customers tell us all we need to know about how to make a product better.

The value of our products is something we talk about a lot. What are you getting for your money? It's a complete Grifiti experience: the products, the company, the relationship. When you buy one of our products we want you to expect the complete experience.

We are fanatical about customer relationships. It starts with our first contact with customers, which is often when they see our products in use by someone else. That first moment is a moment of truth. It's a first hand customer review by the person you see using our product. If we've done them justice, then hopefully we get the opportunity to interact with you personally either on our website, phone, or in person to develop a direct relationship with you. We want your feedback on products, branding, and customer service,  but we also like to hear about where you're from, how the family is doing, and maybe what your latest greatest idea is to make this one shot at life uniquely yours.

We like to have a little fun every day. That can mean a bunch of different things to different people around here. It might be mucking around with new prototypes, brainstorming packaging designs, chatting up customers about a tweak to our products, or just grabbing a club burrito and beer at the local dive. By taking a few minutes every day to realize we're on a path we like, we tend to appreciate how lucky we are to really love what we are doing.

Thanks for taking the time to review our site and products. If you have any questions or suggestions we are always happy to hear from you.



The Starter

Phil started Grifiti because he still had some ideas that needed to be built.

The Do'er

Need something done or made, Andy Choy figures out how.  At Grifiti, Andy builds all our prototypes from scratch using whatever he can get his hands on or with what he can tear apart.

The Make it Look Pretty'er

Whether it's the website, printed material or an I.D., Tin is there, because opinions are free and he likes giving away free stuff.

Email:  tin at grifiti.com

The Enabler (in a good way)

Joey's there to help you get the big stuff done.