Band Joes 4 Inch Cross Style 5 Pack


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This is our Grifiti Band Joes Cross Style 4 inch silicone band 5 pack. Assorted colors: Black, white, red, blue, green, orange, purple, pink, yellow, and light blue are the options. These are our cross style, durable silicone bands. They're heat, cold, uv resistant and are made with cooking grade silicone so they are food safe. Great for wallets, grips, wraps, bins, bundles, board games, MacBooks, notepads, notebooks, and much, much more....

We measure our band sizes when squished flat, so a 4 inch band is 4 inches flat and about 2.5 inches in diameter. All our bands stretch between 2-3x so a 2 inch band will stretch to 6 inches or so. It's a bit variable depending on the batch as making bands is a lot like baking.

What's included here:

5 4 x 0.625 x 0.125 inch bands: diameter is 2.5 inches, stretch is 2-3x or up to 12 inches flat. The slit legs 0.25 wide on these.

You'll want to be careful then you stretch these over things. First do the full band over one direction, then pull the opposite side over the object the other way. The weak point is the gap slit so you want to try to avoid tearing it there. We'll post a video on how to do this on our cross band listings as well.

Send us a note with the colors you want. If you want a ton of packs with different colors you'll get the best price by adding all them as "assorted" packs to the cart, then send us a note with the mix you want. If you don't hear from you, then we'll send a mix based on the colors we have in stock.

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Product Description

The X Cross Style allows you to wrap one direction, then pull down two of the straps and wrap an X or +, which is super simple and super nice to have as an option. We've had a bunch of people say they use these as strap wallets on iphones and small notebooks or moleskines, as camera lens bands, to wrap large sheet drawing bundles, and tons of simple uses around the kitchen...

Start strapping things in today with our wonderfully versatile new cross style silicone Big-Ass Bands.  Customers have sent us a ton of different uses for these!

They’re great for seal drawing pads, keep files bound together, head bands, wrap blanks, hold a towel around hair after a shower, seal containers, bundle folders, seal trashbags to bins, wrap glued wood parts, bundle giant screws, temporary car repairs (a little vague but interesting), slingshots, car load straps, write on bands with sharpies for covered textbooks, and much more...

These are cooking grade silicone so they can take the heat! Cook with them, autoclave them, use them where hot wrapping is needed! So go ahead and wrap roasts and stuff turkeys, and come up with all sorts of new uses around the kitchen and oven. Or go ahead and bundle those instruments and test tubes on the way to a good wash.

We sell them on our site in 5 packs and 20 packs. Colors are randomly mixed but you can ask for single colors as needed: black, white, red, royal blue, powder blue, pink, purple, yellow, lime green, and orange.

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